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Create your own perfume line

We are developing your line of scented products in a minimum amount of time, even for small quantities.

Thanks to our in-house packaging department, we are controlling the whole fabrication and packaging process.
We are thus your only contact from the idea to the supply of your ready-made product.

Quantities : from minimum 2000 upto 10000, 50000 and more.

Our assets:

  • Quality according to french & European standards
  • Delivery dates
  • Competitive rates
  • Compliance with the specification

Be free to contact us to make a good quotation we need minimum the informations below :

Even you do not contact us you can use our 10 keys survey below as a good excercice to prepare correctly your project.

1. What is the type of your perfume ? Men or ladies ?

2. What concentration of the fragrance in the alcohol ? 8%, 10%, 12 % or 15% or more ?

3. The quantity of perfume inside the bottle ? 50 ml or 100 ml or other special standard ?

4. Quantity of perfume bottle you want to assemble made in France ? 3000, 5000 or More ? The price depends a lot of this criteria.

5. To export in which territory(ies) ?

After you can precise, information as :

6. Do you design by yourself the packaging ?

7. Do you use a standard bottle & cap from us or do you want to buy a molder to manufacture resin caps and glass bottle with special shape ?

8. Fragrance will be specific and single or one of us designed ?

9. Do you want an European standard registration ?

10. Do you wish absolutely "made in France" on the package ?

11. How many perfumes do you which in a final pack ? 6 ; 12 ; 24 or 48

To know : You can buy by yourself all the packaging, fragrances, and send them to us, in case we just do maceration of the fragrance and assemble your perfume, ready for shipment.

SEE BELOW Some examples of documents :
Example of GMP - Good manufacturing practices
Example of Project Review for perfume or cosmetics
Example of labels contains on perfume box or cosmetics
Example of INCI certificates for cosmetics
Example of security data sheet for perfumes
Your project can be here - Ask us by email


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We manufacture also Hight class candles with your brand. Download our catalogue below to see examples.



Address and contact :

ID Perfume designer
38, Chemin du Hallot
27630 Ecos
France - Europe

Tel : +33 610 987 009
Email :

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