June 25, 2022

INCI certificates

We wish below to introduce our new service of documentation.
You know that register a new perfume on the market, is difficult when you do not know exactly how to do it.

As you know already we sell perfume oils. A lot of our clients asked from us documents as IFRA, inci certificates for oils, we provide them for free when you buy our oils.

However, when you mix by yourself our perfume oils in alcohol at one concentration, most of time you need an official inci list, to print on your box (first) and also to register in your country officially your perfumes. Then, you need also an official inci list conform to the European/USA standards and conform of your product that you mixed.

So now we make/provide this document INCI for you to avoid headache in calculation, and of course plenty of mistakes.

This service is very simple, you send to us, your concentration and we calculate your INCI automatically.
This service is 35 €/INCI provided.

See details below and do not hesitate to contact us to get your INCI now.
(*) This service is included if we assemble your perfumes in serial production.

INCI is very important to make your product legal on sales and to get a verified and clear inci list on your packaging.


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