Designer perfume oils

The production and creation of new fragrances in assembly becomes more and more difficult because many scenters have already been well explored. In short it becomes very complicated for the noses creators and designers of our perfumes of the nearest future.

Of course, more and more accurate laboratory analyzers help to create and explore new scents and oils. Synthesis technology also evolves very quickly and allows to obtain odors that do not exist naturally in nature. Otherwise the synthesis of a perfume is much more effective in terms of mass production. We mean here that the production in series requires a stability and a strict repetition of the smell as the customer needs to smell always the same  fragrance and it needs to be easily recognized when you cross the person in the street or to test it in a simple perfumery shop.

perfume oil designer

Example a perfume with rosa oil centifolia or damascena will be different if the oil is a natural extract of Rosa centifolia from south of France or if it comes from the rose valley of Bulgaria. It means not similar weather, not same roses, and not same ground so … The fragrance would change even you used an exact similar volume to manufacture or design the fragrance on rose based scent.

Also people critics synthetic fragrances because they think it is totally fake and unfair but nowadays 90 % of manufactured perfume are a mixt of  both natural and synthesis ingredients.

The animal musk for example can not be always a natural extract of animal origin. Vegans and/or animal protectors should probably prefer to use synthetic musk instead of collecting it on animals as a natural ingredient.

So for noses and fragrance conceptors it is good and cleaver to combinate natural ingredients and synthesis olfactive molecules.

In this case we should advice to spray your perfume whatever the brand on your clothes and not directly on the skin. Specially in high fragrance level because of allergy.

If your perfume get colorant spray it on dark clothes preferentially. On white shirt can make stains difficult to remove.

If you wish to make your own perfume fragrance oil please contact us we have around 50,000 formulas available in our library and it will be a pleasure to advice you on your new perfume collection.





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