Perfumes made with aluminium bottle


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How we can reduce the transport costs and reduce the impact of CO2 in perfumery industry.
Today, most of manufacturer use glass bottles to manufacture their perfume, because simply the cost of a glass is cheaper than an aluminium bottle, but our brand RBg Paris work on a new project and a new vision and strategy to reduce the impact of our exportation in the world. One of the solution that we immediately found is to change our packaging by reducing the weight that directly impact the Co2 while transported far in this world.

95 % of production are made of glass today, sure the sound the raw material to get glass bottles is cheaper than metal as Aluminium, also glass is possible to recycle, however aluminium is easier and cheaper to recycling than glass in term of energy consumed to recycle a packaging.

So Rbg Paris perfume study at this time the possibilities for a kind of range of their perfumes to use aluminium bottles anodized any color.

The advantage to use also aluminium is to do not use colorant or pigment inside the perfume.

See picture what we can made today with aluminium : Perfume aluminium bottles anodized several size and colors. These can are not heavy so reduce the impact of co2 while transported also they are easy to recycle.


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