April 10, 2020

Process to developt your perfume as private label made in France

We created this page to explain you in details how we will work together on development of the future perfume brand as private label. Plenty of clients stressed about this process of creation and ask us so many questions, so here you will find peace and hapiness, to make your perfumes project a big success.

1/ Use our perfume questionnaire:

A/ Questionnaire to fill in

First we use this questionnaire page.
For you to  give us maximum information about your project and send to us an email to this email address:


B/ Join files and pictures or drawings to your email:

You can join to your email pictures of type of packaging you look for, the style is important, does it a standard European box with simple holder inside or do you wish a hard box or wood box, leather on it, silk inside, details are important for us to estimate your project.

C/ Type of  bottles with molder investment or not :

The important topic also is if your bottle is unique then you need to invest in your own molder or do you wish to use a standard bottle that we will customized with your brand name.

Note that if you need to create your own molder the minimum quantity will be 25000 bottles and you will pay the extra costs of the special tool created.

Note that if you use standard bottles you could have only one palet of glass to buy, approx.

  • In 100 ml = 3000 bottles
  • In 50 ml = 4000 bottles
  • In 30 ml = 5000 bottles

See example of bottle decoration as metalization type, painted, semi-painted, serigraphy, etc

D/ Type of  boxes :

The important is to tell us what kind of decoration you wish for your project, see this article The printing technologies for perfume boxes in our own blog to help you for the design and see the all technologies possible to use as quadri, spot uv mat/shining, embossing, etc …

Box investment can be 3000 but most of time it is 5000 depends of printers. Most of time there is also a cutting tool, but we put it in global costs see section 2 below.

E/ Box, ingredient list, reglementation and barcode :

We provide this part after we got your own design or the design that we proposed to you and then of course approved by you. We put this part most of time behind the box or under the box. After production a MFD code or a number of lot will be writen on the bottle and on the box, can be lazer technology or ink jet technology.

2/ We estimate your project (FREE quotation):

We will quote your project following the answers of our questionnaire, so take the time to really prepare well your project before to ask us to estimate. To prepare your quotation we need:

  • a complete address of your company,
  • email and phone number

to create in our database your file.
You can send your questionnaire through our contact form. Our quotation will be as below :

You will get one line per scent and per type of perfume as example below :

Perfume 100 ml edp for ladies          QTY = 3000 bottles                price ExW in Euro.
Note that if you have 2 perfumes types as one Eau de parfum (Edp) for ladies and one Eau de toilette (Edt) for men then you will get a several prices on 2 lines in the quotation.

You will get also one line for the extra costs that you need to pay one time, in this line we provide eventual tools costs, design adapted by us, reglementation, DIP file, audits as Intertek or other audit, all extra costs.

All costs are identified in the quotation and please note that we have a all inclusive service, no extra costs will be charged after the quotation accepted by you and first payment done.

3/ First contact/meeting in Paris:

We could but not obliged receive you in Paris, directly at your hotel or in our offices in heart of Paris 75015. To discuss about your project and focus on details that you wish absolutely. Note that we do not have all glasses available and all our fragrances possibilities, samples could be sent to your company directly.

We can show you some examples of perfumes, you could smell scents eventually we could prepare some samples before your visit. To help you also we could send to you some web-links to “glasses” website to show you what kind of shape we could adapt to your own private label project.

We can also simply organize meeting on ZOOM with our experts and you, if you do not wish specially to move.

4/ Samples policy:

We provide only standard samples from our formula library at first. We have around 50,000 formulas. It means your final samples will be finished and reworked only if we sign a commercial contract with your company.

5/ To launch your order:

A/ Payment conditions:

We will ask you to pay a part at order, and a part before departure and after your quality inspection. We could separate the finished production and the eventual stock that we need to keep for further batch of productions.

B/ Samples:

We provide you all set of samples that you need corresponding to your request in term of quality. We adjust eventually the fragrance with our experimented noses and our analyzing equipments.
We adapt the color of your perfume as you wish, you receive some samples to approve.

C/ Approval policy:

After all is well designed, we submit you the final draft(s) ready for printing (glass, labels, boxes, etc …) and then you will approve all documents.

D/ Timing to manufacture:

8 months approx. to design.
After approval, 3 months.
Serial production, 2 upto 3 weeks max. if we have the stock of components.

E/ Final inspection:

Your boxes with your logo (see example) per 12 perfumes or 24 perfumes or 48 perfumes is on palet ready for shipment.
Not obliged but you can visit us to verify all quality key points to our manufacturing site before your second payment.

F/ Delivery and stock:

We have logistic service to deliver your clients freely directly in case and with a minimum of quantity of 1000 perfumes. We propose also a stock service, we can keep stock of components and/or finished products. Price is invoiced to your company monthly and can be negociated in the commercial contract (for regular orders in serial production).
All boxes are under your logo and we prepare all labelling and all documents as dangerous goods documents, delivery sheets to secure your shipment.

Shipment by SEA (Le HAVRE or ANVERS/ROTTERDAM  or MARSEILLE) or by AIR (Paris airport).

Please see our perfume manufacturing video on Youtube for further informations and details.
Note that if you wish smaller order than our minimum of 3000 perfumes please Contact us for the perfume bar service.

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