Long lasting perfume, how to make it ?

First thank you for coming to our blog again to understand the rules to respect the manufacturing and the secrets of making a good maceration of fragrance oils.

1. Perfume concentration table :

First to know the theory from famous perfume noses :

Eau fraîche is 1 upto 3 % of fragrance mixed to alcohol
Eau de cologne is 2 upto 4 % of fragrance mixed to alcohol (as using for deodorant pressurized in case).
Eau de toilette EDT is 5 upto 15 % of fragrance mixed to alcohol
Eau de parfum EDP is 15% upto 20% of fragrance mixed to alcohol
Parfum is above 20% some manufacturer use roll on bottles with pure oils directly.

This is theoric chart, for us we manufacture perfumes that we adapt the concentration as below :

Eau fraîche is 1 upto 3 % of fragrance mixed to alcohol

Eau de cologne is 2 upto 4 % of fragrance mixed to alcohol (as using for deodorant pressurized in case).
Eau de toilette EDT is 8 upto 12 % of fragrance mixed to alcohol
Eau de parfum EDP is 12% upto 18% of fragrance mixed to alcohol
Parfum is 18% upto 25%, we limit the concentration at 25% due to allergy problems & health risks.

Note that we propose perfume until 25% max. to avoid allergy of clients, and this option limits the risk to the population, because most of the oils are now synthetics (due to protect our earth environment). It is important to work on a better maceration of your oil in alcohol. See below how to make it (point 4).

2. Ingredients to use :

A. Pure premium perfumery alcohol, it means it is alcohol with a neutral scent & no drinkable. We sell this type of alcohol per 100 liters minimum in Paris, FRANCE. Buy alcohol now

B. Perfume oil, you need to understand that if you wish a perfect scent and long lasting perfume that it is better to use a very top quality oil with a good receipe of maceration, than to use a lower price oil with a poor alcohol and then with no maceration, even you put 50 % of oils inside the bottle the long lasting effect will not be here …. so the important rules to respect are both below :

Buy quality oils from a good manufacturer of perfume oils, not a dealer because dealers most of time to gain more money cut perfume oils with a neutral ingredient to increase their margin. Demand also IFRA certification of the oils in case to secure your business. Buy perfume oils now with IFRA certification

Buy alcohol certified made in France or made in European union, there is a lot of manufacturer. Take it if possible from a direct source as manufacturing site, that guaranty a good (better) quality.

3. Tools to use :

You need to prepare a good perfume ready to fill in with these tool list below :

– Jar of 10 liters or more. depends of the quantity that you wish to prepare and fill in. A black plastic is better and avoid to cover it from the light. Use a plastic cap to lock the fragrance (perfume oil + Alcohol).

– Funnel, it exist several size on the web that you can order easily.
– Manual pump to transfer alcohol from raw tank to your jar.
– a test tube or a graduated syringe to measure the volume of oil that you add to the alcohol.
– Cloth, to clean in case.
– Labels and one pen.

4. How to manufacture perfume, how to make a good maceration : 

Upload this file to calculate directly on Excel your dose of perfume oil to put in alcohol to make 100% and also directly the costs for 100 ml bottle, 50 ml and 30 ml. Click here perfume-calculator.xlxs.

After your calculation and if it is the first time that you test one formula proceed as below :

1/ Take an empty plastic jar, if possible black not leaving the light of day pass through. You can take a transparency jar, then just block the light passing with a black film (plastic film that we use for paletisation is acceptable).

For your security : Put a mask in case and plastic gloves to avoid contact with all the ingredients maximum you can.

2/ Select the perfume oil that you wish to prepare, then unlock & open the aluminium bottle. There is a soft plastic cap to remove most of time, put always this cap after using it is used to avoid oil leaks while moving the closed aluminium bottle.
3/ Pour the calculated amount of oil into the test tube, make it several time in case of out of graduation.
4/ Fit the funnel on the jar, and pour the oil first in the jar.

Important note : Before to transfer the oil, shake very well the aluminium bottle to mix again all ingredients very well, and macerate in once all the quantity of oil (if possible), rince with alcohol the aluminium canister 3 times to collect well all the ingredients, make sure there is no more ingredients (sometime solid as cristals) inside the aluminium bottle. it is an advice for the best results. If you forget some solid ingredients inside the bottle, the formula will change a little then the scent will change also.

5/ With the manual pump, complete until the end of the jar with alcohol, avoid maximum the air.

For your security : with alcohol do not smoke or do not make the manipulation near by an ignition source, also do it without phone, alcohol is dangerous ingredient and can explode or burn very quickly. Make operation outside or under a ventilated hood adapted to chemistry industry.

6/ Glue a label on the jar and put the date that you have started the maceration. If your plastic jar let passing the light stock it in a dark room always.
7/ Move the fragrance in the jar every 3 days, put simply the jar upside down should be enough.
8/ Wait the maceration 4 or 5 weeks to get the best results.
9/ Then test it and fill in sprayer bottles ready to sell to your clients.

It looks very easy but important is to respect maceration instructions as below :

– No light.
– Limit air in the jar.
– Move the jar every 3 days.
– Let the maceration working during 4 weeks minimum, be patient, patience is a quite good quality to have success in long lasting perfume.
– Never forget also you need good ingredients, if not you will not have good results.

Pay attention also of security and the ventilated stock.
Hope this article clarified things now for you and then help you, your comments are welcome to our contact form to improve this article, we can also write your comment under this article in case.

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