September 21, 2018

Fragrance oils wholesale France

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  • Our assets :

1/ We provide to you a fragrance oil service, you receive in an aluminium bottle or jar essence oils/perfume oils ready to use for cosmetics and/or to mix with alcohol to manufacture your own perfumes in serial production. Minimum order is 1 kilogram of each fragrance.

2/ We have experience and around 80,000 formulas available of fragrances in library and we create everyday for our clients.

3/ We prepare and provide also customized fragrance oils,

4/ We have a sample service, we provide samples 3 ml with a clear list for you to test the strengh and the scent of the fragrance,

5/ We note the quality of fragrances with stars (*) and all our fragrances are classified  follwing this list below, so then easy for you to select and find your wishes :

Strengh of fragrance :

Low cost
Lower 1* 12H00
Medium 2* 24H00 min
Medium 3* 36H00 min
High 4* 48H00 min
Top 5* More than 48H00

Type of fragrance :

Common = Low price market, mass market
Good deal = Good price, good quality at 25% concentration, 7 weeks maceration
Rare = Niche fragrance, kind of ingredients wellknown by experts, very top quality
Legendary = Fragrance for selective market, easy to sell
Epic = Exceptionnal quality and rare to find on the market, very strong quality at 20%, 7 weeks maceration
Supernova = Unbelievable fragrance, unique creation, ultra good quality, 20%, 7 weeks maceration
Home fragrance = Scent for home

6/ Delivery time reduced and shipment organized through our logistic company, we master the delivery time,

7/ Tracability of fragrance oil bottles with reference and bar code, then you can use in further similar orders of fragrance oils,

8/ We provide certificates for our oil formulas, INCI list and olfactory pyramid, this is a free service on demand.

NEW : We prepare if you wish INCI and list that you need to submit officially to Authorities and ingredient list classified with Allegens to print on your box.

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QB. To export in which territory(ies) ?

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QD. Complete this form with your list of fragrance oils that you look for and the quantity per kilo.

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France – Europe

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