Arjun Rampal eau de parfum, perfume manufactured in France


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Alive an unbelievable fragrance oil from Paris manufactured by our perfume site

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We manufacture as made in France the famous perfumes of Arjun Rampal, the very famous Bollywood star. Arjun Rampal, Bollywood beefcake and a shining entrepreneur, is up with the launch of a series of men’s perfume ALIVE White and ALIVE Black. Eau de Toilettes are aromatic waters filled with arresting fragrance.

Alive White is a citrus flavored fragrance, an eclectic mix of lemon, bergamot and mandarin. This variation of Alive is meant for day fashion. Alive Black to be used in the evenings is heavier and more masculine in essence than Alive White. Its fragrance is a miasma of leather, aquatic and pepper notes. Alive is manufactured by a Germany based leading fragrance house. A 100ml bottle of either of the variations is priced at Rs. 1800. This Arjun Rampal product will be distributed all over India by Baccarose.

The unmatched aromatic essence of Alive is supposed to keep one’s senses alive. The National Award winner Arjun Rampal of Rock On fame says eloquently, “When you smell nice, it helps you work better and you feel more Alive”.


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